About Clark Masts, a proven brand you can rely on

Clark Masts was founded in 1959 and has since then successfully been providing telescopic and sectional mast systems to support a wide range of applications.

Clark Masts has been dedicating to the design and manufacture of 'Fast-Erecting Mast Systems' for both the civilian and military markets for over the past 45 years and has developed an extensive knowledge in both design and manufacturing techniques during this time.

Many thousands of Clark Masts have been procured around the world. As a specialist mast manufacturer, Clark Masts strives to maintain its leadership by its vigilant awareness of the advancement in communication and other technologies ensuring ideal solutions for practical every mast requirement.

With manufacturing and technical sales support based in both England and Belgium, as well as having distributors world-wide, Clark Masts has built up an extensive network to help his customers.

When you select a Clark Masts product you are also selecting a company that we believe has unrivalled experience in a very specialised field. Proven designs developed over long periods of time in conjunction with commercial, civil and military organisations clearly demonstrates that we take our responsibilities extremely seriously to our past, present and future customers.

Our philosophy is to always have an on-going product design and development programme. With this approach we believe that this assures our customers that they will always benefit from the latest material and manufacturing processes without sacrificing any of the proven traditional qualities that we have developed over many years through continual testing and development work.

Clark Masts has found a place in many different applications all over the world, whether you require your mast to be vehicle or trailer mounted, building/shelter mounted or field tripod/field leg mounted. If your requirement is to lift a headload of 1 kg up to 4 metres or 100 kg up to 40 metres, then Clark Masts certainly has a solution for you.
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