Fixed Base

Rotatable Field Base

Rotating Base

For use where mast is not required to be rotatable or where Omni-directional antennas are to be used.
Allows masts to be fitted horizontally & then swung vertical. Spike to secure. Fitted with clamp brake.
For use where full mast rotation is required whether internally / externally vehicle mounted, wall or shelter mounted. Ball design accommodates misalignment. Fitted with clamp brake.

Also available is a rotatable base with a static air entry point.

Upper Mounting Bracket

Saddle Mounting Clamps

Lower Bracket

Allows the mast to rotate. When a mast is externally vehicle or shelter mounted, this bracket supports the mast at its upper end. The bracket has a PTFE lining. Lower end of the mast should be fitted with a fixed or rotatable base.
Normally used in pairs, the saddle clamp assembly fits the base section of the mast, facilitating mounting for installations where frequent mast removal is required. Made from light alloy with steel fittings.
Designed to receive either the fixed or rotatable base depending on the mast application.

Roof Bearings

Customised Accessories

Field Legs

Provides a rotatable, weatherproof bearing where the mast passes through the vehicle roof skin. Used to support internally mounted masts whether on fixed or rotatable bases.
Customised accessories are available to mount our masts and equipment onto our masts (Guy Anchor Block Assy shown). Please contact us to discuss your project.
This assembly consists of four adjustable legs, two stepped and two plain, which connect to Mounting Collar. Four spikes, a base and a wheel handle are included.
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